Omri Kohl

co Founder, CEO Pyramid Analytics

My 5 Startup Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

I love working with young people. I am fortunate that I get to mentor them in both the Microsoft Accelerator program and the U.W. School of business entrepreneurial class. These young students are so...

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Pyramid Analytics is the ONLY On-Prem BI Platform for Microsoft Stack

Pyramid Analytics is a Microsoft co-seller and gold partner. Our enterprise analytics platform, BI Office, is the only business intelligence product able to host Power BI content. Given that, I want...

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My Interview with Geekwire

Just recently, I was selected as Geekwire’s “Geek of the Week.” Geekwire is a news site based in Seattle and primarily covers technology news in the Seattle area. According to...

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A playbook for the Chief Data Officer: How to be successful in this ground-breaking role

The CDO leadership role is still new in the large majority of companies, according to Gartner, and they have many challenges to address. That is where Pyramid Analytics comes in.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Looking for Venture Capital

In my role as a mentor, I am often asked about how to get venture capital funding for a new startup or business. It’s a great question and a very important one. I have these conversations often...

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Customer Service is the Oil in our Machine

Just yesterday my team forwarded me a very nice compliment from one of our customers. They were struggling with a technical issue and called our support team for help. To our customer’s delight, we...

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