Omri Kohl

co Founder, CEO Pyramid Analytics

The Value of Mentorship in the Season of Giving

I have a lot of energy that I draw in many different ways. But, one way that might surprise you is that I get energy by giving my energy away. I have been mentoring young people for quite a number of...

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Examining the Importance of Context for Every Story

You’ve heard it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” While there is some truth to that, a picture or even a thousand words doesn’t always tell the whole story. Stories need context—a...

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Examining if Big Data is Worth all of the Hype

I’ve never liked the term “big data.” It feels like a contrived term, born from opportunistic vendors anxious to sell more hardware and software. Certainly, we have seen an enormous growth in...

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Exploring the ROI on Lessons from Failure vs. Success

Where I am from, we have a saying about the value of failing. Although it doesn’t translate well, it basically means that the tuition of failure has the best return on investment. I was fortunate to...

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Building the Next Generation of Business Intelligence

The other day, I was thinking about BI and its adoption rate by the business. For the past couple decades, business intelligence has been one of the top enterprise initiatives, often one of the top...

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How to Build a Culture of Business Analytics

I can tell how mature an organization is by its use of analytics to run the business. By that, I don’t just mean the financial reports they produce for investors or Wall Street. I mean the use of...

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