Omri Kohl

CEO Pyramid Analytics

How to Build a Culture of Business Analytics

I can tell how mature an organization is by its use of analytics to run the business. By that, I don’t just mean the financial reports they produce for investors or Wall Street. I mean the use of...

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CEO Take on Change and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

We may never answer the question of whether one is born an entrepreneur or one becomes an entrepreneur through life experiences. Frankly, I think it’s a complex combination of both–at least it...

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Value of a Data-Driven Business for BI Executives

We see it everywhere; no industry is immune. Today’s digital technologies are driving great transformation across businesses in new and compelling ways. This transformation is redefining how...

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Wisdom of Crowds Leader in Customer Experience

The annual Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study—from Dresner Advisory Services— is an objective, industry-leading, global analysis of business intelligence (BI) tools. It provides...

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Use BI Office and Power BI with Publish to Pyramid

Pyramid Analytics has partnered with Microsoft to join the personal-productivity capabilities of Microsoft Power BI Desktop with the secure, governed, enterprise solution of Pyramid Analytics’ BI...

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Unlocking Business Insights with Data

To become a truly data-driven enterprise, many business leaders recognize that they must extend the capabilities of self-service business intelligence and analytics to more of their users. Many BI...

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