When people ask me what I do professionally, I think of myself more as an Change Artist. And, much like an artist does with their medium, I bring my visions to life in business.

I started my first business, making and delivering sandwiches to busy students, while attending University and in one year, this business funded my education. I have a degree in economics, and MBA and completed studies in NY, but I believe, equally important, entrepreneurial spirit helped me start several different types of businesses including media and advertising, education and finance.

After university, I founded the Kohl Group, where I remain the Chairman of the Board. Under the Kohl Group, I created Newton, an e-learning solution that fosters thought and collaboration to nurture a new generation of students and help teach skills they need to achieve technological advancements to thrive in today’s changing environment.

In 2005, I saw a need for a payment processing system that could accept micropayments and coupons over mobile phones. I founded Pdway and it shortly became a pioneer in mobile micro payment processing. After three years, the company got acquired by a large organization.
As I thought about my next venture, with a personal passion for “data,” in 2008 I teamed up with my co-founders to form Pyramid Analytics. With data being pervasive across every organization, our vision was to create an enterprise grade BI platform with scalable, multi-tenant architecture.

Our flagship product was developed to provide a self-service, web-based access that enables all levels of business and IT users to easily create and share information and with the view of the Chief Data Officer as the main buyer, while helping their organization optimize business decisions. It has been extremely gratifying to see how Pyramid Analytics has empowered enterprise companies to make data-driven decisions.
On a personal note, I subscribe to the work hard/play hard philosophy. I like to energize my creativity and passion through extreme sports including sky diving and bungee jumping. What do I value? Creativity with a purpose, experience over education, a permission to fail mentality, living on the edge and of course my family.

Home base is Seattle, with my wife and two boys, where we spend our free time exploring the Pacific NW. Lastly, giving back to the community is something I care deeply about. I mentor with the Microsoft Ventures program, as well as with graduate students at the University of Washington.

This blog is a place for me to capture and share my thoughts and experiences —my story—in business and in life.

Creativity with a purpose

Experience over education

Passionate organizations

Permission to fail

Living on the edge

My family